Your personal space to reflect and improve.

chronicle is a fully secure, private online journal that you'll always want to come back to.


Empower yourself

From Churchill to Frida Kahlo, journaling is a practice shared by some of the greatest minds in history. Documenting your inner thoughts and feelings is an incredibly powerful way to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself. Here's why:

  • Unleash your creativity

    Keeping a journal is a great way to brainstorm new ideas, or explore new business concepts. Just let your thoughts flow.
  • Organise your thoughts

    Journaling daily will result in improved mental clarity and focus as well as reduced stress levels.
  • Get over the line

    Achieve your goals, build better habits, keep track of successes and failures. Identify patterns of behaviour.

What you get with chronicle

  • Always Private

    Your daily entries will never be accessible publicly. No social media sharing either.

  • Ambient Sounds

    Use our library of ambient tracks to get in the zone and let the flow of words inspire you.

  • Track your mood

    Log how you feel with each entry. Easily detect patterns in your emotional state.

  • Beatiful Design

    A clean, distraction free interface, intentionally crafter to improve your writing experience.

  • Bank level encryption

    We take security very seriously. There are your private thoughts and they deserve protection.

  • Browser Reminders

    We won't clog up your inbox with unnecessary emails. All reminders are sent through your browser.

All features. Zero Limitations. One price.

$2.49/month (billed annually)